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Black and RedwoodRedwood and BlackReplace your old deck with a low maintenance rubber sitting area thats way nicer than wood.

Backyard in Red Woodphoto-2photo-1 copy

Eco-Flex® 4′ x 5′ and 2’x3’ rubber walkways that are both permanent and moveable, and offer the toughness required to withstand bicycles, sidewalk plows, and accommodate wheel chair, walker, constant pedestrian travel, horse riding, and vehicular travel.

Flexible and will not fracture or separate from frost heave like concrete.
Children fall friendly, softer landings.
Modular slabs can be lifted and re-set as needed
Provides immediate access once installed
All season, all weather toughness including snow plowing and de-icing
Safe, anti-slip exterior can reduce liability claims
Allows for instant access to underground utilities without losing your asset
Eye-catching colour options and pattern without the steep price of stamped concrete
Unique over/under lap design to help stop weed growth while also supporting proper installation

Grey Multibrick

outdoor area
Multi brick Brown

Play Area
Multi brick Grey

The Eco-Flex® 4′ x 5′  and 2’x3′ patented sidewalk surfaces are comfortable to walk on and will be sure to put a “bounce” into everyone’s step. Your standard walkway/sidewalk can be installed in a day in most circumstances. Either 3′, 4′ or even 5′ in width. It doesn’t stop at sidewalks, we can do a sitting area pad to whatever dimension suits your needs.